The Law of Life

Death. Isn’t death life in a sense?

We’re all born at some point in the timeline of planet Earth, and at some point, we ALL die. Some die as newborns, some die at a young age, some die during adulthood, some live a long life and die of old age, some die during accidents, some die from terminal illnesses, some die during their sleep, some die leaving a great legacy for humankind. But one thing is certain, we all die. I call it the Law of Life. Just like the law of gravity, everything that goes up must come down, the law of life states that everything that is born must also die.

And we know this. We might not know when our time to leave this world will come, but we know that it will come. It will come for us, it will come for the people we love, and it will come for the people we don’t like so much. AND STILL, death manages to catch us off guard, it still manages to make us feel deep pain. I have not yet experienced what losing a loved one feels like, but I have a feeling that you can never be fully ready for it. There’s no amount of mental preparation that can allow us to skip the grieving part.

And when I think about this, how aware we are of our inescapable death and how unable we are to numb the pain it causes, I can only conclude that we were not meant to die.

In words of C.S. Lewis, “the most probable explanation is that [we were] made for another world.” A world where we don’t die; where death does not exist.

And death is life in another sense; in the sense where the only way we can gain eternal, imperishing life is through death. It’s a paradox really; because we have to die and mortify this flesh of sin, the one we are born with when we are born into this world. And this can only be done by trusting the sacrifice of Christ on the cross as ransom for our sins. So when we die and our bodies exhale its very last breath, we might be dying to life on this Earth, but we are being welcomed to eternal life in the Heaven Jesus is preparing for us.

And this eternal life we receive is death-free. We will never again have to hurt over the death of someone we love, and we will never have to hurt over anything at all.

It might hurt to see a loved one go, but we rest assured that if they have placed their hope in Jesus, they have left death behind to receive real life. And one day, if we have placed our hope in Jesus, we will also be reunited with them in the real life where there is no death.


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