The Real Reason Why You Like Apple

apple-logo-heartEvery one is a stereotype, whether we care to admit it or not. You know it’s there, in the back of your mind. Whenever you see someone for the first time, you make a whole life story and assumption of who that person is based on the clothes they wear, the car they drive or the phone they own. At least I do, and I’m not particularly proud of it.

I guess that’s why we put so much effort into the way we look. Since we don’t have the time or the chance to make sure that everyone around us has the accurate first impression of who [we believe] we are, we need to make sure that we are communicating it correctly.

Likewise the brands we purchase also have stereotypes. Apple has always been associated with innovation and forward thinking. It is the brand of choice for creatives and musicians and designers and cool, hip people. So when I decide to buy Apple, considering its super intuitive OS design as a given, I’m also in a way making sure that people will associate me with a certain kind of stereotype. I guess that’s also a way of controlling how we want to be perceived. We should all just be honest about it.

And this happens with all the brands we purchase. We feel more inclined to buying products whose brand personalities are more in line with who we believe we are.

Having a very clear and coherent brand personality is very important. I don’t think Apple could’ve done it any better or said it any clearer.

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