Stop Taking Pictures of the Eiffel Tower!

And by the Eiffel Tower I mean every iconic site, every pretty flower, every exotic 6-foot-tall model, every jaw-dropping sunset, every[big, grand]thing that has already been photographed a million times over.

Every photographer should have an eye to notice the small things. Because the big, grand things get noticed by everybody. The big, grand things are majestic on their very nature. The big, grand things make good pictures easily (and the repetition is intentional).

But a good–I would daresay great–photographer takes the smallboring, habitual, daily things in life (that we intentionally block out of our mind because we’re tired of seeing them every day) and makes them beautiful. And that is the better judge of talent. That is the kind of photographer we should all aspire to be.

This is a window in the building next door to mine; the same window I had seen every day for over 10 years. The same window I just noticed today.


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