Earthquake Call

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I had heard the news–the earthquake in Haiti two years ago and the one in Japan last year. It was shocking news, but I don’t think I had ever understood the magnitude of fear and despair. My country has had very few quakes in a long time, and I had never felt any of those before.

But 2 days ago, I was sitting on my desk at work and I felt a slight tremor. I looked at the computer screen and I knew what was making it shake. My heart started beating faster. I controlled my impulse to run outside like a mad person, and just waited tensely as the shaking stopped. My first earthquake… it wasn’t even that strong, but it was strong and long enough to scare me.

Earthquakes are out of our control, like hurricanes and financial crisis, but not exactly like it. Hurricanes are scary, but if we live in a strong home, we’ll be fine. But earthquakes? It doesn’t matter how strong our homes are, we are still not safe, our homes can be shaken to the ground or we can have an unpredictable tsunami. No one is exempt.

I admit that the earthquake scared me, but after all the fuzz, I realized it was more like a wake up call. I can get so tangled in the daily things (like work, and college, and life in general) that I sometimes forget that these things will pass. Sometimes, the end of the world seems far more distant than it really is. This earthquake reminded me that the life I live and the earth we fight so hard to cling to will one day exist no more. But after that day, I will be in Heaven with my Savior forever.

It’s such a relief to be fearful for a minute, but to know that everything is going to be fine in the end; even if the earthquake is very strong, even if my house falls down, and even if I die. I do not live for this world. My heavenly abode awaits.

“For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” -Philippians 1:21


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