The No Turkey Thanksgiving

This year, there will be no turkey for me. In fact, there has never been. My family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, even though I’ve always wanted to–stuffed turkey, gravy, and all.

At the same time, I’m glad that I don’t get to drown under the holiday frenzy. Lately, it feels like these holidays are only an excuse to shop and indulge in consumeristic habits (Black Friday, Christmas presents…). We feel festive, we feel joyous, but the true reason behind the origin and celebration of holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are not even mentioned anymore. 

So many people have a big Thanksgiving dinner and even hold hands while saying grace, but they haven’t really taken the time to thank God for what they have. The celebration of Thanksgiving is not so much about the dinner; it’s about the attitude of gratitude. Christmas is not so much about giving, but about celebrating Jesus’ birth for our redemption. If these holidays lose their essence, there is no use in celebrating them anymore.

Sometimes, I think we can get caught up in the turkey, the full belly after dinner, and the bargains. We forget what’s most important: reflecting on the goodness of God toward our lives, thanking Him for the blessings He has given us. And this is not just a one-day thing; we must exercise this daily.

So for you, Thanksgiving celebrators, go enjoy your yummy dinner! My mouth waters as I think about it! But remember that the turkey doesn’t make Thanksgiving. A thankful heart makes Thanksgiving.

I will celebrate Thanksgiving, no turkey and all!


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