The mysteries of John Mark McMillan

I can’t help but dedicate one of my blog posts to John Mark McMillan.

Just recently, I stumbled upon one of his [new to me] songs from The Medicine album, “My Only” and I’ve had it on repeat continuously. I can’t help it.

There’s something magical and mysterious about his songs. They give me the truest glimpses of God I’ve ever been able to find through music. His lyrics are raw, verging into the gutsy and gory, at times. But his deep, country voice somehow finds a way to make it sound like a folk masterpiece.

And that’s what I like about him. He’s unconventional. He talks about real brokenness and redemption with no makeup on. He is not afraid to admit that he struggles with God and pain, and sometimes He cries out in desperation for answers. He doesn’t try to hide or sugarcoat how needy and naked we are. And when we see ourselves this way, we are able to admire a great God who covers us in undeserving grace. His songs are the epitome of beauty in the broken.

John Mark sings from the heart. His lyrics are the most beautiful metaphors I’ve encountered. His voice overcomes me. That man has a true gift!

Enjoy some of my favorites from JMM:

“My Only” from The Medicine

“Carbon Ribs” from The Medicine

“Closer” from The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down

“Who Is This” from Economy

And of course, I could not leave behind “How He Loves” from The Song Inside the Sounds of Breaking Down. Pay special attention to what JMM sings around 6:25.


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