I Have a Job! And God is Still Faithful

This has never been an easy thing for me– truly believing that God is faithful, and not just theoretically. More often than not, I would doubt that He would ever bestow goodness on me. After all, I don’t deserve it.

But time and time again, the Lord proves me wrong, and this is one of those times. Right until July, I had been working with my dad at a job that was not related to my field of study. So, I left the job in hopes of working freelance on graphic design. After much thought and a lot of projects for college, I decided it best to gain experience working at a real ad agency–hopefully after the college load slowed down a bit.

During that time, I got a temporary job as a Math substitute teacher. I also uploaded my resumé on a job hunting webpage–just in case. But for a couple of months, I had heard nothing about jobs, and that was honestly the last thing on my mind until I was contacted for a job offer that never really happened.

Somewhere along the way, the job hunt was rekindled. I made sure I let everyone know I was interested in any advertising-related positions, and prayed to God to provide a job, specially because advertising agencies are not easy to get into. I also started working on my portfolio.

Little did I know that God would use a friend of my dad’s, who happens to be the bike messenger for a really important agency in the country, to help me find a job. He got me the Human Resources manager’s email, and she forwarded my portfolio to another agency that called me right away.

After a couple of interviews and tests, I can say I am no longer jobless! And it amazes me how quickly everything came to be. One day, I didn’t even think I would be offered a job; the next day, I was called for an interview. God answered my doubtful prayers diligently, He got me the position even though I have no experience working at an agency.

It doesn’t matter what we think we deserve or whether we think He’ll answer, God still remains faithful to His children. Over and over again, He proves that He still remains faithful to me. I am so thankful that His goodness doesn’t depend on me.


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