Stupid Mouth

Internet has amplified our voice. Social media has become a platform for speaking and being heard. Thoughts are barely forming in our minds when they are shared with the world at lightning speed. And the world gets to participate in our thoughts as they develop.

But there’s a problem with that. 

This sense of immediateness has hindered our ability to think, to process what we think and to determine whether what we think is worth saying. There’s no time to think anymore. There’s only time to do and say! And we mess up because, many times, we don’t filter our thoughts and our words.

Just like water must be filtered from impurities so that it is drinkable, our words must also be filtered so that they can edify. If we don’t filter ourselves, our stupid mouths will continue to get us in trouble [See John Mayer reference]. Sometimes, the things we say or write, even when offensive, are our true thoughts and beliefs. And I don’t mean that we should all become hypocrites. Sometimes, all we need to do is keep some thoughts to ourselves. The world doesn’t always need to know everything that is on our minds.

What we say determines a lot of what people think of us. We need to make sure that what we project [say, do, write] always points to Christ in our lives. If not, it’s probably not worth saying.

Maybe we should all follow that simple advice Johnny’s mother gave him:

Think before speaking.

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”      -Luke 6:45b

Have you messed up because you didn’t think before speaking?


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