7 Reasons to love Compassion

Speaking about water, children and compassion… 
Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man and owner of my mobile phone service provider, said this about a year ago:
The only way to fight poverty is with employment. Trillions of dollars have been given to charity in the last 50 years, and they don’t solve anything. … To give 50 percent, 40 percent, that does nothing. There is a saying that we should leave a better country to our children. But it’s more important to leave better children to our country.
Basically, he said that “charity doesn’t solve anything”, and I partially agree with him, if by charity he refers to organizations whose sole purpose is limited to giving things rather than training people. [Even then, I don’t think that this is an excuse to stop giving altogether.] If this is the case, I would agree with his statement, and add this:
“Charity doesn’t solve anything, but Compassion just might.”
compassion international
Just recently I decided to place a banner on my blog to show my support for the work Compassion does for children. I must say it is one of my favorite social justice ministries. Here are 7 reasons why I love Compassion, and why you could too:
1. They’re legit. If you donate and sponsor a child, you can be certain that your money is safely going to a good cause. The sponsors testify to it, Charity Navigator has given it high ratings, and the happiness in the faces of the sponsored children is the cherry on the top.
2. Provides opportunity to serve. My sister has worked with Compassion several times now, serving as translator between sponsor and child. Every time she goes to one of the meet-ups, she comes back home with more willingness to serve with them. College hasn’t allowed me to work with them yet, but I am looking forward to it. 
3. Located all around the world. Compassion sponsors children from 26 countries all around the world. To know that children from my own country are also being sponsored is a big incentive to support them.
4. Fight poverty with education and empowerment. Compassion is not only focused on giving children things for the now, they work with children and give them the tools [education, diverse skills, self-hygiene] they need to become responsible, self-sustained adults for tomorrow. While at the same time, providing their daily basic needs.
5. Spreading the Gospel. Education without the knowledge of Christ is nothing. Beyond training children for their life in this earth, the children are presented with the truth of the Gospel and taught Biblical principles that will shape them till adulthood.
6. Establishes a bond between sponsor and child. Not only are you supporting a social justice organization, but you are able to see firsthand what your donations do. You are putting a face and a name to your donations. You can establish a relationship with your child, see his progress and show him the love of Jesus with affections that money can’t give. 
7. IN JESUS’ NAME. This is Compassion’s slogan. This reason alone is enough for me to support them. In this age, when Jesus is given more of a back seat, it is refreshing to see Him in such a stellar role. 
If you know about advertising, you’d know the importance of a slogan. It must be brief, concise, catchy, but mostly, it must describe the company or organization. It must give a glimpse of the essence of the company. Not only is In Jesus’ name a very clever slogan, but it sums up the reason why we do charity in the first place: to show the world the love of Christ; to use it as a platform to share the gospel; to give your service eternal value. 
If Jesus isn’t in the equation, charity doesn’t make much sense to me.  
I know people who work for Compassion, I’ve seen and heard beautiful stories of love and redemption brought about through this organization, and I can’t wait till I am able to bring a smile upon one of those little faces. As soon as I get a stable job, I have made the decision to sponsor a Dominican or Haitian child–or both. 
What are your thoughts on Compassion? Are you sponsoring a child? Share your experiences and opinions on the comments below.
Also check out Compassion’s efforts to provide safe, drinking water here.

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