Why Blogging Daily Doesn’t Work… for Me

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I’ve been blogging for almost a month now. I had a very clear mission for my blogging when I started: give insight about life in this fallen world in the light of faith in Jesus. But I admit that I thought that blogging would be a lot more different than it actually is.

I thought that I would write for half an hour and the blogging  job would be done. WRONG! I found out that blogging takes up a lot of my thinking. Everything around me could be a potential article, and I need to be aware so that I don’t miss that one inspiration. I find myself thinking a lot about what to write, how to write it; and when I’m done with that, I find myself thinking about what to write next. It can be exhausting.

I thought that everyone would want to read my blog. I thought it would be so easy to get many subscribers, many blog views, many comments, etc. But it isn’t. And I find myself obsessing a little bit about site stats and referrers and SEO. It can be exhausting. Especially, because at the end of the day, obsessing over these things makes me forget that the reason for writing is to edify whoever reads the blog, whether it be 3 people or ten thousand people.

I thought blogging would be easier in general. I thought that I would always want to blog, that words would emanate from me so easily. But most of the times,  if I want to be consistent, I will have to write even if I don’t feel like it, even if the blog seems to be going nowhere. I have to trust that God knows what He’s doing with me.

When I first started this blog in mid July 2011, I started researching all kinds of advice for successful blogging, getting people to comment, writing eye-catching titles–all the advice you can imagine. Most of them agreed that the key to success is being a consistent blogger, preferrably writing and posting daily. 

I tried to do this for a week. It was exhausting, at least for me. And I noticed I was not being as productive as usual because I was focusing too much on blogging.

I forgot that blogging is not real life. Yes, there’s community in blogging, and many people have made their name, landed jobs and done awesome things through their blogs. I get that, and I think everyone aspires to do that too. But I’m not there yet. There’s still life outside of blogging (responsibilities, work–for some, friends and family that need some warmth, and other activities that don’t involve computers or Internet).

I was not balancing blog and life very well. Actually, I was being a little careless about life, and it was starting to show. If I decided to blog daily, I would be spending too much time in the blogosphere.

I forgot that God is in control of everything, even blogging. I know that for me, deciding to blog daily wouldn’t just be a healthy way to have a successful blog or an achievable goal to accomplish. It would be a means to gain success on my own strength–doing everything in my power to make things work (because I don’t need God and I can do things myself). I don’t want to rely on myself. I want anything and everything that happens in my blog and in my life to be a very clear and direct result of God’s hand at work.

I’ll still be blogging consistently, because that is part of the responsibility I acquired when I decided to have a blog, but I won’t obsess over blogging every day just to have new content to attract attention, I won’t put my life in the back seat for a blog, and I won’t try to do all of this without God.

I guess that’s my Not To-Do List for my blog. Find out what a Not To-Do List is.

For the bloggers out there, Do you have a Not To-Do list for YOUR blog? Are there things you are not willing to compromise? How do you balance real life and the blogging life?


2 responses to “Why Blogging Daily Doesn’t Work… for Me

  1. I think that this post is very authentic and I commend you for writing it! I am pretty sure that anyone who starts blogging or undertakes any creative endeavor struggles with these same feelings (I know I do). I think the realizations that you have come to in writing this post will help you immensely moving forward.

    Finding a balance between spending time online and offline is always a struggle for me especially since so much of my business relies on the internet. I balance my on-line life and my real life, by setting clear goals and time constraints for the different tasks that I have. I have found that by being very strategic about my time I am able to get more done and be more effective.

    • Thanks for your insight!
      That’s the thing, since I’m just starting to go freelance, I do need more time constraint to invest in the activities that will actually help me grow to get to the point where a blog/webpage/network could be profitable for business.

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