Rest is Essential

Two weeks ago, I read a blog post in Jeff Goins’ webpage about rest and how important it is for the creative process. I encourage you to read the article here. Just this weekend, my family and I went to a hotel in Bavaro–the perfect timing (since I’ve just started my college vacations) and the perfect excuse to go catch some rest. It was a little hard for me, because I still felt that there were things I needed to do; but it was well worth it. I feel so much more renewed and relaxed, and being rested makes you so much more productive in all aspects, not just creatively.

Here is my weekend in photos:

On our way to the hotel, my family and I visited the Basilica at Higüey, a very important religious (Catholic) monument in our country.

People usually go there to see the shrine built for The Virgin of Altagracia [literally translated High Grace] and light her candles to thank her for granted requests or to make a petition. If only they knew that the Child she gave birth to is the one who truly has power to give us far more than we need or expect; He is the one in whom our faith must be placed.

We enjoyed sunny weather, under the shades of palm trees.

I ate a lot, and it was yummy.

Hung out at the beach. (Who wears jeans to the beach?–You might wonder… This pic was taken right before leaving to go home.)

We rode in a high speed boat that would take us to the other boat where we would do parasailing in the middle of the ocean. It was a bit scary, but exciting and fun!

We swam and plunged into the pool.

I even had a little Segway ride!

It was quite a fun, relax weekend, free from the networking craze and responsibilities. I did not use my computer! Well… maybe a little bit, but I promise it was for less than 30 minutes! Does that count?

I rested well. I’m a happy girl!

“On the seventh day God had finished His work of creation, so He rested from all his work.”   -Genesis 2:2


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