Tonight… But why not tomorrow?

I found this article via Mark Driscoll’s Twitter, “Friends With Benefits Mirrors Growing Teen Epidemic“. It talks about how movies such as this one reflect teen culture today: accepting casual sex as normal, diminishing the importance of responsibility and thinking about consequences. I would go even further and say that music is playing an even bigger role into this.

"Give me everything tonight
For all we know we might not get tomorrow
Let's do it tonight"

"If only For Tonight
You Could be the Only One
You Could be the Only One For Me
Only takes Tonight"

"Oh, let's not think about tomorrow tonight
Just live the moment"

"Live like there's no tomorrow
'Cause all we have is here, right now
Love like it's all that we know"

These are the lyrics to some of the hits that are playing on the radio right now. It seems like the most predominant word in all this club/dance/house hits is the word Tonight. Scan through the radio and you just might prove my point. The word in and of itself is not wrong; the problem with it is the underlying message:

“Don’t think about consequences!”

“Forget about self control”

“Don’t wait till tomorrow”

“What matters is here and now”

“Do whatever you feel like doing right now”

And all these are usually said in a sexual context. I will be adding to the noise by delving too much into how our consumeristic habits affect our whole lives; how technology has made everything so instantaneous that waiting for anything has practically become a curse. No one wants to wait for their online package to arrive in a week. No one wants to wait and save to buy a laptop or whatever. And no one would certainly wait until marriage for sex! Because I don’t want to wait till tomorrow or till next month or till next year. I want it right now, tonight! [Instant Gratification]

The Bible is very clear about the importance of waiting. Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit, probably one of the hardest to exercise and master; very important nonetheless. And when God commands us to wait till marriage for sex, He is not just trying to make our lives miserable. His commands have our best interest in mind–but that’s a subject for another day.

To wrap up, I want to leave you with a question Pastor Adam Greenfield, from Riverside Christian Fellowship, said while preaching at my church a few Sunday mornings ago:

“What do you call a person who gets what they want whenever they want it?” SPOILED.


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