Be Intentional: Prepare to serve

I love music. I do. I’m the kind of girl that does just about everything while listening to music. There’s something about music that transports me to some other world. And yet, with all my love for music, I’ve never learnt to play any instrument (and I’m not counting the flute lessons I had in third grade). I don’t even know if I’m good at playing instruments because I’ve never tried to play any. Playing an instrument had never occurred to me.

Lately, though, it’s like I’ve gone from never feeling desire to play an instrument to wanting to learn to play an instrument: the guitar.

And I admit there are three reasons:


Yep, I admitted that, a secret most people don’t know about me. I like to write songs. I’ve written many, I just never show them to anyone. Nonetheless, there are a few songs from the batch that I feel truly have potential. The problem is that they are just lyrics. I’ve tried to make up melodies for the songs, but it’s a big fail. And I know it would be so much easier to do if I knew how to play an instrument.


I love to sing when I have my personal time with the Lord, and many times I’ve found myself wanting to sing to the chords of a guitar. Every time I listen to a specific song, I really wish I knew how to play it: Chris Tomlin’s “Majesty of Heaven” (Acoustic version). You can listen to the song here.


This is the most important reason why I want to learn to play the guitar. A couple of weeks back, our small group leader said something that struck a chord. He was playing the piano to start our small group worship time, and we were surprised because we didn’t know that he knew how to play the piano. And he said this: “When I was young–I had recently become a Christian–I knew that God had called me to serve him in some way. But I didn’t know at the time where he wanted me to serve. So I decided to learn how to play the guitar and the piano, so that if God wanted me to serve in this ministry, I would be ready.”

I think I should clarify that my small group leader doesn’t serve in the worship ministry at our church, even though he once did when he was younger. I don’t think that he aspires to become a worship leader either. But whenever he’s on a missions trip, small group, evangelizing or any other activity where some music is needed, he’s completely qualified to serve by playing the guitar. And the best part is that the guitar is an instrument that can be easily carried anywhere and doesn’t need electricity.

Preparing, gaining knowledge or learning how to do something doesn’t guarantee center stage at a specific ministry, and that should not be the intention of our hearts either. But it does guarantee that we are ready to serve when the opportunity arises.

I don’t know where exactly the Lord will have me serve in the future, but I want to be ready to serve in as many possible ways as I can, whenever the opportunity arises. I encourage you to find something where you can be helpful in the service to the Lord, something you might enjoy doing, something you feel like you would want to know how to do, and be intentional! Start to learn how to do it! You could take photography lessons, go to Bible Institute, learn how to operate the audio consoles, learn a new language, or who knows? learn how to play an instrument. You don’t know what you’ll be doing years down the road, but you just might be able to serve God with your talents and knowledge in situations where those talents are required. Be ready!

“[…] so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”   -2 Timothy 3:17

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